Hot Water Pipe Slab Leak

It’s 3 days before Aidan’s First Communion, and reception afterwards at our house.  Last night I was hearing a water sound from the pipes, and yes, it’s a slab leak!  The hot water pipe under the entryway area seems to have a leak.  I still have to call the insurance and see what they can do. I expect nothing, so I think it will be time to dig into some walls and reroute the water pipes.  Conveniently, there were some water pipes run through the upstairs attic when the new bathroom was added during the addition.  I’m thinking those pipes are going to be supplying water to other areas of the house.  May 7 update – Insurance says that it’s best not to file a claim unless you really need it, to the point of even paying more than the deductable.  So now we are in holdoff mode, trying to manage the leak by closing off the hot water heater when we don’t need it.  Luckily, I installed a quarter-turn ball valve on the inlet when I replaced the supply lines to the water heater.  I don’t remember why I replaced the lines.