Did I Tell You About My Apple?

While I’m in the writing mood, I just can’t say how much I love Apple computers.  I have gone through a Performa, grape iMac (sold at a swapmeet to nice guy), half basketball articulated monitor iMac (current print server as of tonight), a 17 inch monitor articulated basketball iMac (the kids computer as of tonight), a 24 in metal iMac (Cindy’s current workstation), and I have my MacBook laptop. I probably missed one in there.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve had my share of PC’s.  From a $2000 Leading Edge 80286, to a 80386 clone (welcome to protected mode!), to a 486 (several running Galacticomm’s BBS software), to Pentium II, Pentium III Sharp laptop (Cindy’s computer while in the hospital with Jared & Riley’s pregnancy), to a Pentium 4 clone with a ASUS motherboard that died — I’ve had a few.  In fact, the current Ubuntu server is running on a IBM Pentium 4 workstation (which seems to be really nice) and handles the home web server and internet router (among other things).

But after the death of the clone, I just decided that I didn’t need a PC. Back before green was so cool, I saw the specs: the PC took about 110 watts, and the Macs about 40 watts. I used the PC in the upstairs to keep warm in the winter nights. It was just, so, PC !  After it died, I decided to see if I could make good with my laptop. And you know what?  It’s worked out.  Just about that time Parallels started getting good, so I bought it and it mostly worked. The one thing it did not do was have Direct-X 9.0 integration, so MS Flight Simulator didn’t work.  Major bummer!  But now the latest version does have Direct-X 9.0 support, and FS works pretty good! So good, in fact, that I don’t need a PC!  And my USB Propedals and Saitek joystick work (well, sort of — the pedals are developing an annoying full left turn intermittant — not fun in a helicopter).

So now I’m left with a hoard of Apple computers that seem to keep cranking. I didn’t plan it this way.  I just keep the things that work good and don’t break (not sure how the Isuzu Rodeo fits here).  The Time Machine backup has saved me two times now with crazy unstable systems.  Yes, Apples will at times go all crazy and get messed up. But there’s Time Machine.  Where’s that for PC’s?  I used to keep a box of PC software so when the PC got messed up I would just format the drive, load up the OS, and then crank through the application CD’s (my data was stored on a shared Apple SAMBA drive).  Time Machine just reloads the drive from where it last saved (or before, or before, or …).

The whole Apple software update just works.  Just before this (and probably the thing that spawned this post) I received a whole mess of software updates for iLife, Safari 4.0 (seems to be trying to be more like Google Chrome — cool!), and various other updates.  It’s not some service pack thing that has some crazy different functionality differences that wants to report back home about the genuine software program that —– baaahhhh!

Someday I’ll write about my love for Ubuntu. Where else can you get a firewall, mailserver, secure web server running mod-perl, Tomcat, Java SDK, and mySQL working in under a day?