Facebook is killing my green computer

So, I can’t help but see that all the Javascript/Flash/Whatever stuff running on a Facebook page is keeping the CPU utilization up, preventing the savings that supposed to be happening while my computer is idle.

Well, actually, it’s Cindy’s computer.  It is a 24 inch iMac that seems to get really hot on top, especially on the top left corner.  So hot that it is sometimes painful to touch.  Yup, that hot.

The thing that keeps it that hot is that I find it sitting on a few Facebook pages after she has left the thing and gone somewhere else.  It has the auto screen dimmer going (the CCFL tubes contribute a lot to the heat when the screen is on), but still remains hot.  The best I can see is that all the scripts still running on the Facebook pages keep the CPU going, and that is just, — stupid.

Such is life.  Just when you think things are getting more efficient on the server side, the client side is spiraling out of control.  You just can’t win.

So here’s the call to all browsers!  Put some code it them that times out after a predetermined time and shuts down the useless processing.  It’s a power saver for the browser.  After 10 minutes, just kill the dumb threads that are just spinning doing stupid stuff.